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Now at six weeks old, Aimee said Camilla should be around 12 pounds (5.44 kilograms). ” As labor is usually quicker on the third pregnancy, Aimee said that she was prepared to deliver Camilla in the car while on their way to the hospital.

“Should I call her little piggy instead of little princess? Fortunately, they arrived at the hospital just in time.

After losing in the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant, she competed in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2006.

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With three children, Moses and Aimee may be looking at spending million HKD in tuition.

Hong Kong TVB actor Moses Chan finally wins Aimee Chan's hands in marriage after several fruitless proposals in the past six months.

According to recent news reports, his one-year-long girlfriend, Aimee, finally said "yes" and the couple plans to hold their wedding in Australia next year.

After filming with Seven in Korea, she competed on 12 August 2006 for the title.

Though being a favorite, there were negative reports circulating about plastic surgery.

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