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This is the type of hard truths journalist Nancy Jo Sales explored for more than two years as she talked to more than 200 teen girls across the country.

When that little girl checks her phone, boys she barely knows are asking her for nude pictures.

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The idea that before the Internet rained hellfire on teenage bedrooms across America, girls and boys were sipping soda pops and slipping letterman jackets over each other’s shoulders is untrue and offensive.

Sex was not better when women were second-class citizens.

“They’re all reading The stories Sales tells—culled from conversations with dozens of teenagers and a sprinkling of adult experts, mostly based in New York and Los Angeles—are relentlessly bleak. Another’s sexy photos are forwarded to the whole school. Semen gets on faces and jackets and then on Facebook. In fact, Americans who have sex before they turn 20 are in the minority.It’s a classic middle school breakup: he said/she said drama. On Thursday, she comes to Kansas City to talk about her harrowing new book, “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers.” “From behind a screen, people, both adults and kids, tend to be more bold, aggressive and even unethical,” Sales told me.A generation ago, she might have “earned” a spot in a slam book –– spiral notebooks teens passed around with lists of students and opinions about them. “So here you have a situation in which kids are growing up learning to communicate from behind screens; engaging in a culture in which posting their pictures and seeking likes and validation for their pictures is up to a mass of people who are by the nature of their engagement less likely to be humane or ethical.” When I read about the middle school breakup-turned-sexual abuse in Sales’ book, I thought of Amanda Todd.With meltdown learned crime after the race to coveted championship mirror ball trophy.Product lines and credit card purchases will be credited to the charge.

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