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My question involves divorce in the State of: CALIFORNIA My husband and I both live in CA and were married in CA as well.

We have been separated for over 7 months (he was on deployment as of Jan 9, 2009 and cheated on me), we have not consummated the marriage since he's been back and he is no longer living in the household.

The email from him is a Dear Jane letter (dated just a week and a half ago), explaining that he doesn't know how to be a husband and has failed in our marriage and since he's been gone for 7 months, it's a good time for us to split up since we have not seen or been together since his departure. I would consult an attorney about it before putting it into ink.

I hate to have to wait 6 months before the divorce is finalized and I'd like to be able to file my 2009 tax returns Head of Household vice Married (Filing Jointly), since I have a child from a previous relationship. Clearly if your ex- is going to tell the court, "She's lying and we've only been separated for seven months," the court's going to have questions. Declaring the date I left to go on a preplanned hunting trip.

A Texas court has ruled that a Houston man who is not the father must pay ,000 in child support to the mother of a teenage girl he's only met once.A person may still be eligible for Parental Leave Pay in the event of a stillbirth or infant death.I am now aged 20 and am wondering if it is possible to claim a backdated payment from my father for child maintenance.This occurs when the custodial parent becomes responsible for the child and pays for the child's expenses and day-today care.The court will backdate child support payments to cover the expenses paid by the noncustodial parent while the order was pending.

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