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What’s the sense in having a degree if you’re not going to use it?

As a sportscaster, she ended up being a NBA scout for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Larry King interviews Yara Shahidi, a seventeen-year-old actress and activist who stars in the hit comedy series ‘Black-ish.’ Larry asks why ‘Black-ish’ is a hit, and Shahidi comments it has a diverse writers’ room that explores family, race, and intergenerational issues.

Larry asks how she got the part, and Shahidi describes her audition process and previous acting experience.

“Being a female in a male dominated profession is always tough but being the first was even tougher.” She is also the first to cheer on a professional level for three teams, in two sports, starting with the NBA and the Golden State Warriors, and moving to the NFL with both the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys.Presently I rescue retired racehorses and rescue horses from slaughter.” Laflin is currently a segment reporter for FOX Sports, as well as the host of the newly launched and first NBA sports show in China, Muho TV.Beyond her professional ventures, Laflin is committed to and passionate about animal welfare and our nation’s Veterans, founding the non-profit Hounds and Heroes.Bonnie is definitely no dummy, while cheering for the Cowboys, she earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Texas.Even though she was a cheerleader, she made use of her degree by going to work for ESPN and KCAL.

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