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• When viewing live webcam shows, user will be able to see the girl’s webcam in a big screen, even when he viewing free shows.• With a click of a button, user will be able to see each girl’s profile area.Her sister Allie, another stupid American (but only slightly less stupid), travels to Bangkok in order to find her sis' decapitated noggin and bring justice to her killer.A very promising tense opening act is rapidly squandered by subsequent poor creative choices and suspect plot developments.Nothing good ever seems to happen in these places (see , an ambitious movie that starts off with a riveting bang and ends with an unfortunate convoluted whimper.Lucy, a stupid American visiting Thailand, does stupid things on her computer, and ends up dying a stupid yet horrendous death.

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Director Joel Soisson appears to be linking the social disconnection that’s fostered by an increasingly obsessive online culture with the global commodification of flesh for reasons that are thematically murky but potentially resonant and even puckishly, ghoulishly amusing.Lucy (Jade Tailor), a young American woman staying in Bangkok—a city that is cinematic shorthand for depravity — logs onto to the titular website late at night and begins a flirtatious conversation with a woman, seen only from the neck down, who promptly begins taking off her clothes.It's several minutes into the vowel-deprived chat before our clueless heroine realizes that her correspondent couldn't possibly be typing and stripping at the same time.One other gripe is the annoying use of misspelled words whenever they show their typed conversations on the screen.Does it really take that much more time to properly spell words when you are chatting with someone online?

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