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It started with talk of me being interested in playing with other women and evolved into "Let's just go for it and enjoy all this cruise has to offer."We really didn't know what to expect when we got there, and were definitely surprised.Some people were completely nude, some just topless, some in tiny outfits, and some fully clothed. No one seemed to mind, or even notice, what anyone else was or wasn't wearing.The first evening there was a toga/gods/goddesses party.My husband dressed as a Roman gladiator and I made a toga out of a sheer purple fabric.Last spring my husband and I were looking for an adults-only vacation to celebrate our tenth anniversary.I came across a "clothing optional lifestyle takeover cruise." The materials talked about dance parties, clothing-optional areas, and playrooms, including a dungeon. It was only after we'd booked the trip that we realized it meant swingers.We take things one step further and even allow you to invite someone to a private room or to have a session with a model in one of these chatrooms.

We also list adult activities according to the chat rooms and if you are into BDSM you can find like-mined people and have a conversation about this topic with them.

just curious about some other peoples perspectives or experiences here my gf and i dont call ourselves swingers. i wont speak my opinions on "swing culture" here, but i just feel im on a totally diff wavelength.

we are, however, sexually adventurous hedonists, social anarchists, and huge sluts.

We provide this service as a free platform to UK Swingers.

We have a variety of general and topic related adult chatting.

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