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So Kristen’s character is trying to figure out if Odette’s character has really changed or if she is still a mean girl at heart. There are several scenes where there is dancing, a couple of cheer leading cheers that I came up with, and a family dance.

Sigourney Weaver, Victor Garber, Betty White, and Jamie Lee Curtis are all in the scenes I choreographed. She is one of the most professional, funniest, quickest actors – icons you could ever want to work with. She is the most energetic 89 year old I have ever met in my life and she is a real inspiration.

There's a word for the kind of female-driven movie that men don't want to see for fear their manhood might shrivel. But we will say that You Again is the kind of female-driven drivel that women don't want to see for fear their womanhood might atrophy.

Starring the likable Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, and Betty White, You Again is an unlikable and excruciatingly unfunny comedy based on the premise that you can graduate high school but you never leave.

Once a cafeteria untouchable and now a successful professional in her late 20s, Marni (Bell) is stung yet again by Joanna (Odette Yustman), the queen bee who tyrannized her at Ridgefield High.

Joanna, you see, is about to become Marni's sister-in-law. Then the interloper proceeds to usurp her position with the family dog and grandmother (reliable Betty White).

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Right now, he would do anything to get out of here.Unfortunately, some unneeded plot machinations and thematic excess undermine the farcical flow of this bottom-feeding but still inventive effort, featuring a workable 20-tune score and a first-rate, thoroughly dedicated ensemble.The action centers on unhappy Cleveland teen Amy (Reagan Pasternak), a social outcast who buries herself within the pages of Gothic horror/romance novels.Tim Garrick (book) and Lori Scarlett (music and lyrics) have spawned a ragingly over-the-top tuner sendup of the Gothic horror romance genre, funneled through the rags-to-riches adventures of a poverty-stricken bayou urchin who escapes a “Deliverance” existence and fulfils her “Ice Castles” dreams of becoming a renowned figure skater.Helmer Andy Fickman charges relentlessly through this mass of raunchy silliness with fervor.

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