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Innovative and redesigned, it departs from the well-worn paths of paraglider development and provides completely new impetus for our sport.The unique new partition system known as RAST now has additional valves, and the ARCUS RS is an impressive example of how it operates.The same may be true for assets in a Liechtenstein foundation: it is the foundation, rather than the founder, which owns its assets.The foundation board, often watched over and sometimes controlled by the founder, looks after them for the next generation.Why should the founders and beneficiaries of Liechtenstein foundations revisit the foundation documents and consider varying the provisions relating to the next generation’s rights to information?A recent, groundbreaking Liechtenstein Supreme Court decision extends such rights back into the past—unlike previous case law which was understood to limit such rights to the time from which the applicant became a beneficiary and denied requests for historic information.While many may welcome the court’s reaffirmed undertaking to ensure ‘foundation governance’, others will certainly wake up and ask themselves, looking into the future, whether their next generation should really be able to learn all about the past.

Une attestation que la décision est passée en force de chose jugée et, s'il y a lieu, qu'elle est devenue exécutoire; cette attestation sera délivrée par le tribunal qui a rendu la décision ou par le greffier du tribunal, Une copie certifiée conforme de l'exposé de demande ou toutes autres pièces appropriées, lorsque l'état des faits à la base de la décision ne ressort pas de celle-ci assez clairement pour permettre l'examen prévu à l'art. Le cas échéant, une traduction des pièces indiquées sous ch.

Will they be able to access such information regarding assets their fathers conferred on a Liechtenstein foundation during their lifetimes?

The new law on foundations of 2008 and all other ‘private’ foundations were to maintain their privacy, the law confers upon the beneficiaries of foundations additional rights to information, clearly to make up for the absence of public oversight.

This gives the pilot safety and control even in difficult launch conditions!

RAST means that the ARCUS RS is pleasantly damped and extremely stable during flight It is in turbulent air that RAST really puts its strengths into play, effectively stabilising the canopy and gently calming turbulent air.

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