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Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.The opener of the vinyl is "Breedle" and after seconds it‘s clear who is turning the knobs here, at the same time underlining how consistent and versatile Extrawelt is developing their very own style.Full impact of dry signals and the space in-between."Breaking Bricks" has all the dark, dystopian and grinding aesthetics that have been the duo's trademark since the mid noughties, later contrasted by sublime melodies and euphoric pads and strings."Splendid Nausea" is a more straight ahead affair; an adrenalised four to the floor groove with a tightly programmed rhythm and epic bassline modulations.

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Extrawelt are back with a brand new 3-track EP for Traum where they have released classics like "8000", "Doch Doch" or their legendary remix for Minilogue‘s Leopard.

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Hello i just wanted to know are people born an Introvert or Extrovert i am asking because i feel like i am an introvert in some ways been like this however i also have some family member who acts as if they are also introvert they act very shy dull and don't communicate too well with the rest of the family at family gathering like i said before i feel like i am one as well i don't care for being around a lot of people i can be shy at times and maybe a little dull but i can also be loving and caring at the same time.

BERLIN Music/Concerts Omar Sosa and Hermanos Morales Catch the Cuban rhythm this Friday.

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