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1 overall pick in 2011, the highest paid player in Panthers history.

Because that’s what Caylin is known as — Cam’s brother — an unjustly unnuanced description of a kid who is so much more.

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There is no reason for Carolina fans or Newton fans to panic, Carolina coach Ron Rivera says.

The Carolina Panthers, who had the worst record for the 2010 NFL season at 2–14, had the right to the first selection in each round of the draft.

With the first pick the Panthers selected Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton, who was the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner.

The legend — as much myth as man — that stands so tall and casts a shadow so wide that his 17-year-old brother can’t see where it ends.

Caylin doesn’t see the association as a curse or a burden. But there are times when you couldn’t blame him for wishing that he wasn’t related to the No.

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