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I read somewhere the half life of valproate is between 9-16 hours.So maybe thats why the symptoms come back the next day."If we can prevent one more child from an adverse event or a death, we’ve got to try,” Swanson told NBC News. The state boards that oversee dental practice in America usually don’t make that kind of information public.It's unclear how many children — or adults, in general — have died in the U. But earlier this month, a Texas high school student died about a week after undergoing anesthesia to have his wisdom teeth removed.And last summer, two children lost their lives after undergoing extensive dental procedures.

Good luck I take Valproate in the morning and at bedtime 500 mg each time.

The dentist sedated Daleyza to keep the toddler from wriggling while she was getting crowns and having a tooth pulled. Now, Araceli wants to warn other parents about the dangers that she wasn’t aware of.

“I’m looking for justice so what happened doesn’t happen to other mothers,” she told Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA.

Thats because I have a low seizure threshhold and I work like crazy hours so its safer if I am on it. Maybe your tiredness comes mainly from the antipsychotic meds or other meds like sleeping aids?

I take Zeldox (Geodon) and Valproate and on this combo I am doing well without much sedation.

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