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After the marriage service at St Martin's Church, on the eastern shore of Lake Bled, we were all to be borne by gondola to the island in the lake's centre, where Gideon would perform a customary local feat: carrying his new bride up the 99 stone steps that lead to the island's Church of the Assumption, where the couple would ring the famed "wishing bell".

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[Android / i OS] Of the many public transport apps that keep track of arrival and departure times for Ljubljana’s two dozen or so local bus routes, we find this one the most useful, mainly thanks to the easy-to-use map view, which shows you exactly where the bus stops are and lets you bring up a full schedule for all routes with one click.

Of course all the technical info still comes from the LPP system itself, which means the displayed times can be trusted most of the time, but seemingly never when you need them the most.

The new country that's provoking concern is Slovenia. Almost as soon as it joined the EU, it joined the European Rate Mechanism (ERM), which required it to peg its currency, the tolar, to the euro. During most of the 2000s, it outperformed the euro zone on growth, as you can see above. Unlike most countries, which overdosed on housing debt, Slovenia had a problem with corporations financing operations through debt rather than equity.

The small former Yugoslav republic—wedged between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia and best known for its exceptional skiers and Slavoj Žižek—had a pretty bad week, with long-term bond yields spiking to 5.4 percent Friday morning amid fears that the country would need a bailout. At the start of 2007 it went whole hog and just adopted the euro. Large corporate loans financed much of the period's growth, most of them taken out by non-financial firms.

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