Who was k michelle dating from jive records

1 R&B album with her belated debut, last year's , and then, just for the hell of it, as befitting a former R. Michelle persuaded Idris Elba to direct a half-hour musical version of the album, screened on VH1 in August.

"I redid the album and I invited the label heads to hear it—they said, you must have too much time on your hands," she grins.

In addition to explaining our fascination with professional sports and action movies, that penchant can also explain modern-day hip-hop's popularity with a mainstream audience. Michelle and Hi Tz Committee chief/Jive A&R Mickey "Memp Hi Tz" Wright. Michelle said: Memphitz physically abused her (as many a man has done in her life-you'd think such a "businessman" would be smarter) and spent the ENTIRE budget for her debut album "Pain Medicine" on his new girlfriend, Toya Carter (best known as Lil' Wayne's ex-wife and mother of his 12-year old daughter Reginae).

While the most entertaining aspect is still the "beefs" (which made 50 Cent a household name), a close second is when the artists get fed up with their label bosses and struggle to break free of their contracts so they can pack their bags and go elsewhere (see Clipse vs. The facts: Despite being signed to Hi Tz/Jive for over a year and releasing three of Michelle's singles ("Self Made" ft. Missy Elliott, and "Fallin'"), neither of these got pushed very much by Hitz, preferring to promote the dime-a-dozen Party Boyz ("Flex" & "Daddy Stroke") as well as across-the-pond MC Master Shortee ("Bring It Back"). Memphitz said: Not much, he was just gloating at being the label boss, at refusing to release K. Wright apparently never wanted that, but gave it a shot anyway.

The record label knew she was being beat up but they did nothing about it and wanted her to just keep working. Allegedly Memphitz took her money to buy a house and splurged a bunch of money on courting Toya. Michelle is now supposed to be in debt after her label deal failed and she never recovered after Memphitz RAN off with all her money. Michelle went on a Twitter Rant about the relationship and Memphitz swore on his daughter that he never touched a woman. That rep would say the relationship soured (claiming K.

In his words, it was the first time he saw the “Tasmanian Devil”.

There’s he said, she said, and then there’s the truth.

Last week on the premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Atlanta R&B singer K.

Wright asked for million in compensatory damages and million in punitive damages, but he will not see a penny because he could not prove the allegations brought up by K. He also had to prove the allegations were "injurious to his reputation and was published with a degree of fault at least amounting to negligence." Fulton County Judge Robert Mc Burney stated in his ruling: "The record shows that they [LHHA producers & VH1] reasonably believed Defendant Pate during production of LHHA and that they still do today." According to AJC, Wright also admitted that he got into a physical altercation with K Michelle in a Memphis hotel altercation in 2009 and had spent money from Jive Record’s budget for jewelry, not to help her career, and had sent a text message threatening to kill K. That content of the text was bleeped out on the show, negating its import in the case. Michelle is no longer a cast member on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" after moving to New York and landing her own spin-off show, My Life.

Michelle's offering—and reverberated throughout as a vocal stamp—a blast of white-hot rage amidst all the soppy sentiment.

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