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Ball and stepter, are ashley kelsey and zach nichols dating paget brewster and matthew gray gubler dating bobby hoffman, kelsey moved to hangzhou, china, after haverford. Keep refreshing this information an american reality tv czar” jacobys. Too bad "Real World" doesn't crown a homecoming king and queen, because Zach and Ashley would have it in the bag.The two already believe themselves to be the quintessential quarterback/head cheerleader pairing, so of course we're wondering if they'll eventually hook up. DO DTR (Define The Relationship): Jemmye and Knight had no problem getting cozy under the sheets (or in a public restroom), but that wasn't the issue.She caught the first ball, a yellow ball, and picked Jon and Sabrina as the first team on Endurance.Afterward, Ashley caught the blue ball and paired Jonna and Aaron on the Blue Team.

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The pair was so busy getting busy that they often forgot protection, and that led to a pregnancy scare. DON'T Go For Multiple Roomies: Do yourself a favor and limit your in-house fraternizing to one person.

While many "Real World" pads include a gorgeous couple that instantly clicks, only a few of these relationships actually make it to the end intact. DON'T Expose Your Inner Hulk: Yes, you should share your secrets, but you should also keep your destructive anger to yourself. The problem for this New Orleans twosome was that neither of them could admit they were a couple.

That's why we've put together a handy Do's and Don't's guide for roommate romance. Adam found this out the hard way when his drunken smash sessions not only creeped out Nany, but got him booted from the house. It's hard to get a relationship going if you can't even get yourself to call it one. DO Have Safe Sex: Sin City strikes again, this time from the first season.

Dylan chases a cop down the street and immediately files a police report.

Nate, Zach and Frank are concerned that they could be arrested for grand theft auto but decide to forge ahead in their prank anyway.

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